Battery Replacement

G5 Batt Kit  Smartfind G5/E5 battery Kit

MaxG BKit Fastfind Max G Battery Kit
211-B-Kit  Fastfind 211 Battery Kit

When your battery replacement date arrives it must be returned to the importer, Bright Ideas ELB Ltd, for replacement and checking either via the retailer you purchased it from or direct to the address on our contact page.

Battery replacement includes servicing of the unit plus replacing any warranty parts. These battery units are hand built and not servicable by anyone than the registered service agent. Units are then transmission tested and a transmission report is supplied.

The exception is the Max G Fastfind PLB battery pack which is owner replaceable with a supplied battery kit. If replacing the battery pack yourself you must follow the directions included in the kit, namely replacing the O rings with the supplied replacements and avoiding overtightning the retaining screw which can damage the Printed Circuit Board.



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